Why Switzerland?

We're at the very heart of Europe, bordering major counties such as Germany, France, Italy and Austria and readily accessible from just about anywhere else is Europe via a short flight or drive. This gives us great flexibility when servicing a project – and gives our clients enormous confidence and security when planning their shoot.

This location also provides Switzerland with some of the most striking, iconic scenery on the planet. From our internationally renowned alpine landscape which guarantees your shoot snow coverage all year, to our modern bustling cities and our ancient towns and villages sitting alongside some of the most beautiful lakes on the planet – we've every location imaginable.

And when you get here, you'll find a temperate climate ideally suited to actually getting on with shooting and making the most of these stunning vistas.

A compact, wealthy country, Switzerland has a reliable, highly efficient transport network that allows one to make full use of the entire country. Our motorways are plentiful; airports efficient; and our train network is the envy of the world.

Alongside this, as the world's third largest financial center and a regular host to leaders and delegates from around the entire world, Switzerland has some of the finest hotels and hospitality to found in Europe.

Finally, Switzerland has her people - talented professionals with a very high level of expertise, universally admired for their conscientiousness, positive attitude and motivation. Plus, just next door we have all the talents of Germany, France and Italy ready and available to support us and your production.

A 21st century approach to 21st century communications, in the heart of this ancient, beautiful continent.