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It takes courage to produce a winning film for an internal audience

August 29, 2014

Please Release Me

When London Underground (LUL) invited us to produce a video to win buy in from staff for a new health, safety and environmental management system, we challenged the brief and their ebullient vision for the film. Of all the internal target audiences that we had encountered, LUL’s 35,000 employees seemed likely to be one of the most sceptical and resistant to a film that presents visions from HQ through a rose tinted lens. We turned the brief on its head and proposed a black comedy cut to music that takes an ironical swipe at the inefficiencies of the existing system. Our client was told by her boss that if she proceeded with our concept she’d be out of a job. She proceeded anyway and her risk paid off. The film was warmly received along with acceptance of the directive by the target audience. And to top things off, it won four international film festival gold awards. Note that this is a film from our archives, but as many of you¬†know, the old ones can often be the best ones.